July 28, 2012

82nd unidentified member of the Indian Contingent in London

An unknown woman supposedly pushed along the Indian marching contingent in the London 2012 opening ceremony by the organizing committee seemed to be hogging all the limelight in the march past at the Olympic stadium

It raised some serious questions on whether the women in red and blue gate crashed into the party or was this a security breach; only the organizers can tell.

Fact is this mystery woman was like a sore thumb amidst the sea of Golden and Navy blue attire that Indian team adorned.

Unknown woman with sushil kumar in Olympics

She is in all the pictures and not our lovely ladies in yellow sarees!
Identified as "Madhura Nagendra" now says sorry


sCrAtChy SingH said...

most probably Shagun Chowdhary..she forgot to wear the dress not sure actually..will let u know by morning

rookie_journo said...

@sCrAtChy SingH: If so here is here official picture and profile from the London2012 website