January 31, 2012

Why TOI is better than The Hindu

Their strategy for readership is based on data and reading habits..

When God bows down to celebrity news, it shows our interest in famous people.

My post “Jay Dev Jai Dev” was on top since it debuted in 2006 just to be upstaged by the more popular “Famous celebrity deaths” in a short span of 45 days since it came online.

TOI always "Stay ahead of the Times"

They connect to the urban youth and that's what advertisers want

Mumbai DNA

January 27, 2012


@PMOIndia Joke

Take your pick

January 05, 2012

Indiabulls new TVC - Background Score

Indiabulls new TV commercial: The advertisement with Saif Ali Khan, the background music was featured in the movie Gladiator. “Now we are free”

OST - Featuring Russell Crowe

TATA Safari Dicor also had used this song by Hans Zimmer, Lisa Gerrard

January 02, 2012

Blog posts data since first blogging - Indian Blog Statistics

Frequency of posting since the blog started in May 2005

2nd highest post in numbers for 2011
Post per month - highest for 2005
Top post by visitors September 01, 2006

Still Confused rookie_journo data

*Only 8 months of 2005- the blog started in May 2005

still confused traffic analytics