April 06, 2012

Gender equality in Cadbury India's commercials

Krafts foods the owner of Cadbury brands like Oreo and Bournvita have versions of their TVCs featuring both boys and girls.

The ADs with punch lines 'Twist, Lick and Dunk'and 'Tayyari jeet ki' are a welcome change in a gender biased world of marketing.

The latest in the series is a girl practicing basketball

The boy in gymnastics commercial for Bournvita

Oreo advertisement in the Girl and Boy version

Compare this to my previous post where women were projected as an object of desire and which sparked off tweets and a newspaper report


Aruna Kumari said...

Gone are the days when women would be at home only cleaning and cooking. Today they are heading out of their houses and in certain instances have achieved more fame and money than their husbands. I recently came across this article online on Shraddha Sharma. She is from the small town of Dehradun, who sings and posts her songs online. Overnight, she became a huge web sensation and is being termed as the Justin Bieber of India. The fact that she chose the right path rather than whiling away her time doing nothing is commendable. She has also been roped in by Hair n Care recently to feature in their latest TVC. This young girl is a great inspiration for all of us.

Anonymous said...

Very well said